Flores, Gil & Mann

is a Los Angeles based artist trio. Lily Flores, Serge Gil & Scarlet Mann began collaborating in 2012 to create ongoing series LA Odyssey.

LA Odyssey is a journey, traveled by juxtaposing the obscure and the light, the conventional to the strange and out of place. Portraying in part a glimpse into the personal conflicts that I have run up against in my life as well as day-to-day occurrences while living in LA.

Nudity represents liberation and a portrayal of the body in it’s true organic state.  At the end of the day no one is anyone without a face.  The deliberate obstruction of the facial features is an integral part of the series that attempts to convey an abstract representation of the female and male bodies.  The various scenes shown in the photography seek to impart people’s fixation with identifying themselves by means of materialism.

More about the trio Flores, Gil & Mann and their works here.

lao lao1 lao2 lao3 lao4 lao5 lao6 lao7 lao8 lao9 lao10 lao12

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Hello, I'm Carolin. I'm a designer and concepter. I love space travel, smooth beats, simplicity and Star Wars. I've studied visual communication at Offenbach Academy of Art and Design and arts management at Freie Universität Berlin. Say hi on instagram @carolingoelder

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