Francois Fontaine

is a French photographer.

As a History of Art student at the Sorbonne, he developed a passion for photography and travel,
which he would combine over the following ten years during trips to South-East Asia. In 1997,
Fontaine was shortlisted for the Kodak Prize for Critical Photography for his feature story Phnom-Penh Jails.

François Fontaine, whose favorite themes are the personal journey, poetry and dreams, has created a timeless photographic oeuvre that draws inspiration intuitively from and in response to encounters with different events, cultures and peoples. Ideas are drawn from a combination of a lifelong passion for travel and the photographer’s artistic, cinematic and literary experiences.

More about Francois Fontaine and his works here.

Francois Fontaine 1 Francois Fontaine 2 Francois Fontaine 3 Francois Fontaine 4 Francois Fontaine 5 Francois Fontaine 6 Francois Fontaine 7 Francois Fontaine 8 Francois Fontaine 9 Francois Fontaine 10

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