Gael Davrinche

is a graduated from the School of Fine Art Paris in the year 2000, Gaël Davrinche’s work surprised us with his oil painting in spite that it considered as a classic medium. Indeed, the artist has a mixed style with master level pictorial technique and childish stroke that he borrowed from children.  Passionate in painting, he loves to play with codes of classical painting, particularly in the series of ‘The revisiter” which the artist recapture the reference number as well as in “the girl who wear the pearl earring” and the self-portrait of Van Gogh. By using the subject as a medium, the artist focused on the painting which created unsettling portraits that flirt between irreverence and homage toward the original masters.  Under the same thematic, Gael Davrinche’s bold move of rasing and play around scribbles; furthermore, redress the Mona Lisa with unexpected objects in his series of “Mona.” These models take up a new surprising shape into a new existence.

The artist creates these portraits that act as ritual of classic painting, but in his works, the importance of human being have faded away as omnipresent objects such as boxing gloves or upside up flower pot took place. We ask about the individualism of the role, this relationship with others and his surrounding environment.

More about Gael Davrinche and his paintings here.

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