The Generator Girls

by Heiko Windisch for the new Clockwork Orchestra. It is the lead single from the forthcoming album A Fish For A Heart (due for release on Soft Bodies Records from December 1st 2014).

Clockwork Orchestra and Heiko Windisch are proud to present to you the animated music video for “The Generator Girls”. The track is the opening cut from the forthcoming album A Fish For A Heart by Dublin based psychedelic act Clockwork Orchestra and features the animation talents of German artist Heiko Windisch.

The video, which is almost entirely monochromatic punctuated by occasional bolts of neon blues, pinks, yellows and greens showcases Windisch’s penchant for dark yet playful cartoon imagery to forge a quasi-futuristic fantasy world of drug addled androids, a keyboard-playing praying mantis and a claw crane vending machine containing internal organs instead of toys.

A curious note about the video is that Windisch himself at no point heard the music when creating the animation and was in fact fed peculiar instructions by Paul Mangan of Clockwork Orchestra along the lines of “we need jars with chattering teeth” and “exploding robots”. It was felt that this working arrangement would lead to a less predictable end result which would match the chaotic nature of Clockwork Orchestra’s music.

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