Hendrik Kerstens

is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam. Kerstens has photographed others beside his daughter, ‘gave them a place in his heart’ as he calls it. Over the years, he has portrayed a number of men and women. these ‘portraits’ and ‘tronies’(the 17th century dutch word for faces or heads) refer in their execution to both the dutch masters and the portraits of the italian renaissance. Kerstens is conscious of the fact that people are the same, no matter who they are or what age they live in. any association with a certain age is determined by the way we are depicted: the clothes and make up we wear, accessories and lighting. He is fascinated by this game with time and is capable of magically separating the portrait of Paula in a hoodie from everyday reality. you could say that he ‘paints’ with his camera. To him, photography with its technical possibilities is a means of continuing the ‘descriptive’ arts. The association with painting is even further emphasised by the sharpness of his photographs. The combination of his fascination with the ‘other’, the love for his child, his attempts to come to grips with the passing of time and the knowledge of his craft make this a unique series of photographs which can be firmly placed in the dutch tradition.

More about Hendrik Kerstens and his photography here.


HenrikKerstens04 HenrikKerstens02 HenrikKerstens01 HenrikKerstens03

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