Henrik Purienne

is a is a South African photographerfilm director, and founder of international fashion publication, Mirage Magazine. He is based in Cape Town.

Purienne began his career making documentary films influenced by the realist aesthetic of filmmakers such as Eric Rohmerand John Cassavetes. His subjects are predominantly natural looking girls often set against beach- or poolside situations. His photography has a documentary aesthetic and little distinction is made between his personal and commercial work. Purienne has created advertising campaigns in his signature style for brands such as American Apparel, Maison Kitsuné, and Costume National, often featuring contemporary ‘it girls’ such as Sky Ferreira, Emily Ratajkowski and Jennifer Åkerman.

Purienne has done work for magazines such as American Playboy,  Lui, Russh, and Nylon. In 2009 he launched the international fashion and culture publication Mirage Magazine.

More about Henrik Purienne and his works here.

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