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This page is usually not for movie recommendations. But let’s make an exception: I had the honor to be invited by VICE to an exclusive screening of the film “Her” including a Q&A with the author and director Spike Jonze. I haven’t seen the film before, but already was admiring Jonze for directing “Adaptation” and “Being John Malkovich”. First of all, the trailer:

What I can say without spoilers: This film is one of my new favorites. Wow, I was stunned, had goosebumps most of the time. This movie is great in its story, in this wonderful futuristic and fantastically imagined world and in this great photography. If you haven’t watched it yet: Go watch it! Not because I feel honored to be invited to such events, but because the movie is great and this is a real fucking recommendation!

Her_Gif_17_dev Her_Gif_03_dev Her_Gif_15_dev

The screening was really small. So there were like 40 to 50 people watching the film. Because of that the question and answer part felt really personal. I won’t remember all the excact questions but I’ll tell you some insights:

Interesting from the making: The earpiece Theodore (played by Joaquín Phoenix) had for talking to his operation system was a working one. So he had a real voice in it while acting, creating a real intimacy for him. Sometimes it was Spike himself talking as Samantha through the earpiece with his (as he said) erotic voice.


The story takes place in a future Los Angeles. To bring this to film, Spike mixed a lot of Shanghai footage in. I think this worked very well. He has created such a good future fantasy, so beautiful without being another sci fi movie.

Her_Gif_09_dev HER-FP-0764 HER-FP-0873

That’s maybe the thing I like the most, besides the great love story and the wonderful images. A futuristic world which you can relate to but in the same time is so complex, detailed and thoughtful in every aspect.


If you want to know more:

A short documentary about “Her: Love In The Modern Age”, chronicling reactions to Spike Jonze’s Oscar-nominated film, Her. The documentary, directed by Lance Bangs, features stories and reflections from writers, musicians, actors and contemporary culture experts, including Olivia Wilde, James Murphy and Bret Easton Ellis, on the film Her, and their thoughts on love in the modern age.

Edit: Spike won an Oscar for best screenplay. Congratulations!

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