Hiroshi Goto

was born in Nagoya, Japan, 1962. He currently lives and works in Tokyo. He’s a member of the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA), the Tokyo Illustrators Society, and the Digital Image group. Focusing on people and natural objects, with a style reminiscent of traditional “Nihon-ga” painting, Hiroshi Goto has created cover art for a number of publications, including Shukan Shincho Magazine, Bungei Shunju Magazine, and novels by Suzuki Koji, Todo Shizuko, Igarashi Takahisa, among others. Beginning in August of 2003, he has been drawing illustrations for a serial story by Fujita Yoshinaga titled “Rancho” (Unsteady), featured in the Shizuoka Shimbun, Tokushima Shimbun, and Saga Shimbun newspapers. While managing his own successful Tokyo design studio, Hi Seisakushitu, Mr. Goto has served as Art Director for Japanese magazines such as “LUIRE” and “Money Plus”. Since 2001 he has been creating textile designs for an original brand of clothing, and in 2003 announced a new collection of Yukata traditional Japanese garments. Constantly expanding upon his own unique form of visual expression, Mr. Goto enthusiastically experiments with a wide variety of mediums.

More about Hiroshi Goto and his works here.

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