Ho-Yeol Ryu

You might already know Korean artist Ho-Yeol Ryu for this incredible photograph. But this guy is far away from being a one-hit-wonder. Check out his other work!

“The fundamental theme behind Ho-Yeol Ryu’s animations and photographs is to question simple perceptions of reality. He aims to present seemingly impossible situations or phenomena and, through the use of digital manipulation, to alter them to a paralell unreality. Life is thereby recreated but from another, unreal perspective.”

Huegel-Digital-Print-100-x-150-cm-Ho-Yeol-RYU Stadt-Digital-Print-100-x-150-cm-Ho-Yeol-RYU Baum-Video-Speakers-600-800-Pixels-16KHz-16-bit-Stereo-3min-Loop-Perspex-28-x-55-x-10-cm-Ho-Yeol-RYU

“Ryu’s animation does not attempt to emulate the look and feel of film but instead represents the movement of the leaves on the tree and their behaviour when influenced by wind, sky and the time of day. Using rectangular blocks to create the leaves and a limited palette of blue and white the sound of the wind in the leaves and the rise and fall of the leaves evoke both the mood of the scene and the feel of the weather.” – via ajc-art

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