Ian Francis

is a British painter based in Bristol, UK. He studied at University of the West of England, UK and is represented by Joshua Liner Gallery, New York and Lazarides Gallery London. Ian himself has said his work “is about pornography and news reports from warzones rather than sex and death”. This reflects the atomised, cosseted and relentlessly hedonistic nature of modern everyday life where, for most people, the finest copulation is on screen and a clean kill is rewarded with a bonus score. Ian is more than happy to admit to being one of these souls himself, professing an obsession for internet media and trashy US teen dramas, which lends a pleasing sympathy to his operatic observations. “My work isn’t about computers or the world wide web specifically, which is why you won’t see those elements in my paintings – it’s more about the feelings people express through them”, he says.

More about Ian Francis and his works here.

endless-summer-865 Ian-Francis-Joshua-Liner-AM-03 Ian-Francis-Joshua-Liner-AM-06 Ian-Francis-Joshua-Liner-AM-09 tumblr_nb70zmVwBl1qz6f9yo1_1280endless-summer-866 Ian-Francis-Joshua-Liner-AM-04 Ian-Francis-Joshua-Liner-AM-05 Ian-Francis-Joshua-Liner-AM-07 Ian-Francis-Joshua-Liner-AM-08tumblr_nb70zmVwBl1qz6f9yo2_1280


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