Icelandic Twins

by Japanese photographer Ariko Inaoka. 

Every year since 2009, identical twins Erna and Hrefna are visited by Ariko Inaoka at their home in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland. Spending 3 or 4 weeks with them each summer, Inaoka’s beautiful and surreal images capture the growing girls and their wonderfully unique relationship with each other–which sometimes borders on the telepathic.

More about Ariko Inaoka and her works here.

Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-2-730x487 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-3-730x520 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-4-730x488 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-5-730x648 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-6-730x488 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-7-730x490 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-8-730x494 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-9-730x785 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-10-730x497 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-11-730x497 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-12-730x1003 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-13-730x497 Identical-Twins-by-Ariko-Inaoka-14-730x515

Via Inspiration Now

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