a portrait series by a Korean born, Portland-based fine artist Samantha Wall.

“My experience navigating multiraciality in Korea, and then the United States serves as the catalyst for my current drawing project. I photograph and interview multiracial women to gather source material and to elicit an interpersonal connection during the process. The exchange of emotions and ideas between the model and myself shapes the outcome of each photo shoot, producing unpredictable and idiosyncratic results. I then comb through hundreds of digital photographs, searching for one that captures more than a portrait. I am searching for an interior and private space; an in-between moment arrested by chance that captures the figure between expression and release. That image becomes the kernel of a drawing, and with graphite, charcoal or ink I amplify and enhance its distinctive quality, revealing an affective identity woven from my own emotions and that of the model. Through this work, I am exposing the plurality of emotions that sculpt human subjectivity. The drawings of these women are portals into the human psyche, a place where emotions call out and perceived racial boundaries dissolve.” – Samantha

25_amelia2_v2 25_gia-copy_v2 25_jennifer_v2 25_ashley 25_chrissi_v2 25_carmen_v2 25_nadia 25_amelia

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Hi, I am an art director based in Berlin, Germany. I'm always searching for visual stunning or conceptually interesting pieces of art.

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