Inside the Painter’s Studio

is a miniature sculpture series by American artist Joe Fig. Fig studied at School of Visual Arts in New York. Through his paintings and sculptures of artists and their studios, Joe Fig offers recreated or imagined, and perhaps romanticized, peeks of the “artist at work”. By depicting artists—including Édouard Manet, Vincent van Gogh, Barnett Newman, and April Gornik—in the throes and environs of creative production, Fig expounds his view of studio itself as a portrait of the artist. For Inside the Painter’s Studio (2009), he painstakingly recreated artists’ studios (with the artists inside) as “table sculptures” or maquettes, pairing photographs of the dioramas, interviews with the artists describing their processes, and documentary snapshots of the artists at work.

More about Joe Fig and his miniature series here.

joefig1 joefig joefig7 joefig6 joefig5 joefig4 joefig3 joefig2

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