Jacob Jugashvili

is a Russian painter. He is the Great-grandson of Joseph Jugashvili, better known as Joseph Stalin.

“By means of modern technology it is easy to manufacture images, paintings, art of any complexity and sizes, and use it for propaganda purposes, be political ones or other. Therefore painting must not “compete” with the technologies. The value of painting today consists in the fact that it is made by man, and man, as is known, characteristically make mistakes. Specifically, the skill of man, artist, to manage his errors in the process of his work, finding for this the most unexpected solutions which is not capable by a computer or technology, makes painting interesting and therefore, valuable. In the painting it is the most important thing. The more he fights with his errors and weaknesses, the more interesting and creative his work would become and stronger the effect of his work shall be on the world, on the imagination of the people. And this inevitably would lead to the generation of new ideas and thus influence and change people.”

More about Jacob Jugashvili and his works here.

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