Jakub Rozalski

is a Polish Concept Artist & Illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. His speciality is dark fantasy, character design, concept art and portrait. Since several years he works and paints digitally, but he never gave up traditional drawing and painting. For him the most important in his work, is create unique atmosphere and tell some kind of story through his creations.

More about Jakub Rozalski and his works here.

1920_01as cyborg_warrior500jakub-rozalski-1920-duael-hammer-small jakub-rozalski-1920-on-the-road-small jakub-rozalski-1920-supply1 jakub-rozalski-darkelf-01a jakub-rozalski-hammer01 jakub-rozalski-preapare1 jakub-rozalski-w2-01-recovered jakub-rozalski-war-b2 jakub-rozalski-warlord-jrozalski-small jakub-rozalski-witcher-02 jakub-rozalski-workworkwork-recovered1-20new1-small mutknight runer werewolf_doneeee


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Hello, I'm Carolin. I'm a designer and concepter. I love space travel, smooth beats, simplicity and Star Wars. I've studied visual communication at Offenbach Academy of Art and Design and arts management at Freie Universität Berlin. Say hi on instagram @carolingoelder

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