Javier Riera

is a Spanish artist.

The work of Javier Riera is based in geometric shaped light projections, striked directly onto vegetation and landscape. He uses photography as a means for registration and spreading of the happening, without digital manipulation whatsoever. Thus, it’s centered in an experience of real intervention onto “the space and time of the landscape”, something that approximates him to the LandArt proposals. The relation between geometry and nature in this work adquires a meditative character, appealing for a coexistence between the public and the suggestive power of the modification of the landscape of which it is being witness, that aspires to expand its perception by reaching out towards qualities and dimensions that are hidden from the spaces in which it occurs. Riera understands geometry as a natural language previous to matter, able to establish with it a sort of subtle and revealing resonance.

In the last few years his work has broadened its records with site specific projects and temporal interventions in open spaces such as the one carried out at the gardens of Turia in Valencia, where eleven of his light projections remained installed during two months. Born in Avilés, Asturias, Javier Riera studied Fine Arts in Salamanca. Between his most important exhibitions stands out the one that took place in the Museum Reina Sofía in 2008.

More about Javier Riera and his works here.

Javier Rivera 1 Javier Rivera 2 Javier Rivera 3 Javier Rivera 4 Javier Rivera 5 Javier Rivera 6 Javier Rivera 7 Javier Rivera 8 Javier Rivera 9

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