Jessica Rimondi

is an Italian artist. She studied at the Accaemia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin and now lives and works in Berlin.

“My work is a challenge to find a paint method that could be sensory, emotional but cruelly true and real at the same time. I take people I know or find and I get inspired from their natural gesture and the sensation that I find in them. I observe what they evoke in me, and I want to transfer this kind of emotional feeling to the people that observe my paintings. I try to find a way to let my figures breath, move, think – but not only in their physical appearance. I don’t want to make a realistic paint, but a real painting, with all the sensation of their action. This is why I start from gesture, because is instinctive, it is pure, it is just a reaction to something external about us. Then I arrive to work on flesh with this caducity or freshness. This is the approach on my artwork, a continuous curiosity in development, life, communication, exchange.”—Jessica Rimondi about her work

More about the Italian painter and her works here.

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