Johan Barrios

is a Colombian painter. He studied at School of Arts, University of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia.

Currently living in Colombia, Barrios adds an enthusiasm to the emerging creative force that is Latin America. By proving that an artist need not only be imaginative, but clever as well, he paints images that reference pop culture without relying too heavily on that reference. As journalist Ana Velez writes, “Barrios creates images from the questions that art inspires, and they communicate those questions to the conceptual level. Johan is a restless artist who is not married to any formula. He has ways of representing his strokes within a certain realism, ranging from a photographic image to the archetype of the images illustrated in the magazine-style of American advertising in the sixties, or, at times, as if to recall the style of Norman Rockwell.“

More about Johan Barrios and his works here.


johan johan1 johan2 johan3 johan4 johan5 johan6 johan7 johan8 johan9 johan10 Johan11 Johan12

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