John Rankin Waddell

also known under his working name Rankin, is a British portrait and fashion photographer.

Waddell was born in Paisley and brought up in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Whilst studying accounting at Brighton Polytechnic, he realised that his interests lay elsewhere and dropped out, taking up the study of photography at Barnfield College Luton and then London College of Printing. During this time, Rankin met Jefferson Hack, with whom he formed a working relationship. The two decided to start a magazine together called Dazed & Confused once they had graduated. In December 2000 Rankin launched his own quarterly fashion magazine, RANK. He also publishes Another Magazine, Another Man and more recently “HUNGER”. In addition, Rankin has donated his services to publicity campaigns for the charitable organisation Women’s Aid, providing photographs for use in the What’s it going to take? and Valentine’s Day campaigns.

More about Rankin and his works here.

rankin rankin1 rankin2 rankin3 rankin4 rankin5 rankin6 rankin7 rankin8

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