Keinyo White

is an American painter. Keinyo White’s journey from talented student to an artist whose work has been collected by Washington D.C. judges, Fortune 500 CEOs and Hollywood celebrities has required him to constantly navigate racial roadblocks. He says that it would be difficult to find another creative field that has overlooked as many artists of color as the modern art world.

“Being a black artist for me is a very, very isolated venture. Every artist has their own struggles to acquire what they deem as their own level of success, but I think the struggle is harder for black artists. You very rarely see work that deals with the same theme as your own. You rarely see other black artists, or black people in general, at shows or openings. There are very few books printed about black artists, and you rarely ever hear about them in any sort of art history context. I graduated with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design, one of the finest art schools in America, where I had literally dozens upon dozens of art history lectures. I did not learn a single piece of information from any of them about either Henry Ossawa Tanner or Jean-Michel Basquiat.”—Keinyo White

More about Keinyo White and his paintings here.

sovereign-933x700 high-plains-drifter-950x675 conundrum-932x700 silhouette-935x700 Keinyo White  (4)Keinyo White  (20) Keinyo White  (16) Keinyo White  (15)

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