Laurence Winram

is a Scottish photographer who is born in North East Scotland in 1968 and raised by wolves.

Now living in Edinburgh, Scotland. His image ‘ The Watchers’, one of two finalists in the Saatchi showdown competition, was shown in the Saatchi gallery. He has a number of projects that he’s adding artworks to. His main current ongoing project is Mythoslogos – The ancient Greeks made sense of their world not only by logic but by myth too. They saw it was necessary to view things in these opposite ways in order to have a balanced understanding of their lives. He feels we have moved out of that balance, unconsciously letting go of that mythic element to our lives. As a result we’ve lost touch with our own personal vision and creativity. We let a dogmatic scientific perspective rule everything, from our dreams to our notions of the spiritual. So in this series Laurence Winram to reflect on this, creating images that sometimes imagine a world where logic has been usurped by the mythic, or images that mock our need to analyse and break down those parts of our life that we should truly respond to more intuitively. His other main project is The Conemen, exploring our personal interpretations of events shown in tableaus loaded with uncertain ambiguous meaning. 

More about Laurence Winram and his works here.

laurence laurence1 laurence2 laurence3 laurence4 laurence6

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