Leigh Ledare

is an American photographer.

He uses photography, archival material, text and film to explore human agency, social relationships, taboos and the photographic in equal turns. Through a wide span of artistic practices, Ledare examines issues related to desire, identity, and morality.

Leigh Ledare’s photography is deeply personal and biographical—sometimes disturbingly so. Ledare’s mother, a former dancer and model later turned escort, is his most frequent subject. Over the course of eight years, the artist has taken photographs of his mother and revealed her vulnerability, psychological states, deteriorating health, and eroticism in explicit situations. These photographs were the source of a series of photo-collages, videos, installations, and mixed-media drawings, sometimes accompanied by his mother’s handwritten notes. Ledare also turns the camera on himself; in the “Personal Commissions” series (2008), he responded to personal ads from women, and paid them to direct and photograph him in their apartments. He considers these portraits of the women, even though they do not appear in the images.

More about Leigh Ledare and his works here.

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