Leyla Gediz

is a Turkish painter. Leyla Gediz studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design London, Städelschule für Bildende Künste Frankfurt, The Slade School of Fine Art and at Goldsmith College London.  She lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey.

“But we cannot say that Gediz is only a painter of ‘patterns’ of some kind. Her other paintings look at other things which are not patterns, which do not form figures, and in fact, which are not even ‘subject matter’ in the traditional sense, with the same attention. A lined piece of paper, a broken-off key, leaves of a plant taking shelter on the windowsill of an apartment staircase, a smeared chocolate stain, a gesture, a face, a form, a consecutively depicted movement, a landscape.”—Fatih Özgüven

More about Leyla Gediz and her paintings here.

leyla-gediz_35 leyla-gediz_33 leyla-gediz_25 leyla-gediz_22 leyla-gediz_21 leyla-gediz_20 leyla-gediz_17 leyla-gediz_18 leyla-gediz_15 leyla-gediz_14 leyla-gediz_13 leyla-gediz_10 leyla-gediz_09 leyla-gediz_08 leyla-gediz_07 leyla-gediz_06 leyla-gediz_05 leyla-gediz_01

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