Marcidus (meaning withered and decayed) is a series of experimental scans by Berlin based artist Ceyhan Altuntas. It’s about a small souvenier, a gift, flowers some unknown person gifted to one of his room mates a long time ago. He found them forgotten and withered, and even though no one remembered where it came from, he knew someone had put passion and work into making this.

“The scans are made with a regular desk scanner in highest resolution. The final product is printed in a 1x1m format. I want to particullary honor this gesture of friendship in a time where it seems to be adequate to just send digital flowers over whatsapp or facebook.”

Make sure to check his tumblr and his facebook for more awesome projects.

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Hi, I am an art director based in Berlin, Germany. I'm always searching for visual stunning or conceptually interesting pieces of art.

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