Mark Bern

is an emerging artist from Zurich, Switzerland. He is also an internet entrepreneur, who founded several web startups and sold two of them to listed companies.

For the past 20 years, Mark Bern has been investigating the methodology of digital image processing. In his early day as a teenager Bern explored the possibilities of image manipulation on his first computer – a Commodre 64.

Mark Bern’s artworks uses the several digital processes to create abstract forms resembling pixalated photos and the late cubism. The artist himself refers to his art as pixel art. Mark Bern has been creative without showing his artworks to the public over 20 years. In 2013 his first pubic art collection “Marbella” was released including “Beach”, “Champagne”, “Garage”, “Gibraltar”, “Heart”, “Malaga”, “Sand”, “Sky” as well as “Swimming Pool”. The artist describes the landscapes and atmosphere of Andalusia as the main inspiration for his series. Each artwork of the collection “Marbella” is available in a limited edition of five. Each work is printed onto aluminum and/or dibond plates.

More about Mark Bern and his works here.

Swimming Pool Sky Sand Malaga Heart Gibraltar Garage Champagne Beach


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