Markus Schinwald

is an Austrian painter. He lives and works in Vienna, Austria and New York, USA.

Schinwald’s work ‘is centred around the body as a cultural construct, as an incessantly actualized site at which the subject is constituted both in its identity and its instability and transversality. He is not true to one medium, but rather nomadic as he appropriates methods and/or devices from cultural theory, film, and poetry, among others. Dysfunctionality and disorder are key notions in his work.’The body of Schinwald’s work to date is multi-medial, and includes sculptures, manipulated clothing, paintings, films, marionettes, performances, altered historical prints and site-specific installations. Since 1999, Schinwald has also worked collaboratively with dancer Oleg Soulimenko on the Stage Matrix series, which has been performed at, among others, Performa 07, Moderna Museet, and the Tanzquartier, Vienna.

More about Markus Schinwald and his works here.

Markus-Schinwald12 Markus-Schinwald4 Markus-Schinwald14 Markus-Schinwald13 Markus-Schinwald15 Markus-Schinwald6 Markus-Schinwald10 Markus-Schinwald11 Markus-Schinwald5 Markus-Schinwald8 Markus-Schinwald2 Markus-Schinwald Markus-Schinwald9

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