Marty Kelly

is a British painter. He studied Fine Arts at University Ulster in Belfast.

From the start, Marty Kelly was concerned with contextual aesthetics. The relativity of place and light was foremost to him in the portrayal of his early ‘figurative landscapes’ where built vistas and spatial surroundings were as implicit to his painting as the figures that occupied them. Kelly’s inherent understanding of colour and light enabled him to evoke a sense of place and mood through subtle variation and intensity of hues. His technical application was confident, direct and unfussed; forms were defined with a leanness of visible strokes and free of rendered detail. In particular, Kelly refrained from squandering light. He understood the power of light well and reigned it purposefully, communicating emphases – as well as intentional ambiguities. This sense of vague abstract concerns, hovering within the field of Kelly’s otherwise forthright elements of form, colour and marks, created an alluring dichotomy that added to the rhythmic quality of these early paintings. It also foreshadowed work that was to follow.

More about Marty Kelly and his works here.

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