Michael de Feo

is the The Flower Guy.

Best known in the street art movement for his ubiquitous and iconic flower image, artist Michael De Feo has been creating illegal works on the streets for more than 20 years in more than 60 international cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Cabo San Lucas, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Buenos Aires, and Hong Kong. Although his flower is the only image he repeats in his street art, Michael has created a variety of other works in the streets. De Feo’s current studio work reflects his ongoing interest in Dutch 17th century flower still life painting and Vanitas painting. Michael’s studio paintings frequently incorporate geographical maps as a metaphor for painting the entire globe.

Away from the streets and in the studio, however, the flower resonates in his work in subtler ways. By applying fingerprint-like paint petals to images from fashion campaigns and magazines, he conjures up meadows, manes and full costumes of flowers for his supermodel subjects, cultivating a world of flora on the barest backdrops.

More about Michael de Feo and his works here.

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