Milan Hrnjazović

is a Serbian painter and artist. He studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.  After he graduated
in the year 2006, he exhibited in a number of group and solo exhibitions in Serbia, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, United Kingdom and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He lives and work in Valjevo, a city in Serbia. In spite of clearly recognizable surreal style, inspired by modern masters like Dali, Henry  Moore and Picasso, the compositions are not the result of his own imagination. These are transformed photographs of the real people, usually from his surrounding. Becoming more distant from the formal reality, the paintings aim to depict the peoples’ real emotions and reveal their upsetting life circumstances in a more profound way.

More about Milan Hrnjazović and his works here.

Milan-Hrnjazovic_web1 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web2 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web3 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web4 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web5 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web6 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web7 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web8 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web9 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web10 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web11 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web12 Milan-Hrnjazovic_web13

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