Most popular paintings of 2013

This is part three of our 2013 recap. This time: The five most clicked painting posts of this year. Click on the links or the images for the complete article with credits and source links. Hope you like it.

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1. Enfoque II

Hyperrealistic paintings by mexican artist Omar Ortiz.



2. Hilo Chen

71 year old Hilo Chen paints highly realistic nudes.

2_hilochen_2 2_hilochen


3. Jen Mazza



4. Julia Randall

Julia Randall is in love with drawing, and uses her seductive technique to craft images that subtly challenge assumptions about corporeality, desire, and the natural world.



5. Diego Gravinese

5_DiegoGravinese_2 5_DiegoGravinese


In five posts, we want to recap what you liked the most in 2013. In case you missed our first two recap posts of 2013: Have a look.

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