Most popular sculptures and installations of 2013

This is our last recap. The five most clicked sculpture and installation posts of 2013. Click on the links or the images for the complete article with credits and source links. Have fun and a good start in the new year!

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1. Mu Boyan

Naked fat men, sometimes very big and sometimes flying through the air.

1_Mu-Boyan7 1_Mu-Boyan4


2. Francesca Dalla Benetta

the cyborg as contemporary hybrid



3. Liu Xue

combines a human with an animal, creating a hybrid being.



4. Cai Guo -Qiang

His newest project is Heritage, 99 life-sized replicas of animals, water, sand and drip mechanism.

4_cai  4_cai_2


5. Bruno Catalano

The human figures are travelers heading towards unknown destination, lacking important pieces but still standing. It’s as if someone took the Photoshop ”eraser” tool to them!

5_bruno-catalano-73 5_bruno-catalano-13


In five posts, we want to recap what you liked the most in 2013. In case you missed our other recap posts of 2013: Have a look.

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