Most popular videos of 2013

Part four of our recaps is a special one. I think it’s also the most entertaining so far. Click on the links or the images for the complete article with credits and source links but you can also directly watch the videos. Have fun!

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1. Michel Homm

An animated film about romance, intrigue, sex and the sea by London-based animator and illustrator Simon Landrein.


2. A Camera Drama

Workshop led by the dutch designer Roel Wouters – Moniker. Projects realised by the students in Media & Interaction Design in collaboration with the Industrial Design students.


3. Beauty Of Mathematics

Ever wondered about the mathematics of a snow flake? After this video you will at least admire it.


4. Men show films & women their tits

Trailer of a film with a really original idea. Read more …


5. eMotion

An open source 3-D software and interactive installation by Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne.


In five posts, we want to recap what you liked the most in 2013. In case you missed our other recap posts of 2013: Have a look.

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