Never-Never Land

This is a follow up on young and upcoming artist Rebecca Rütten from Hamburg Germany. Over one year ago we posted about her series “Contemporary Pieces“. Make sure to check it out too.

For her new series “Never-Never Land” she lived for 3 months in a party hostel in Nicaragua and documented her life there. Resulting in a project that questions today’s society and the romanticism of backpacking travel in developing countries.


“… in this wooden fairyland, perched on the rocky edge of a lake, underneath a sleeping volcano, people from all over the world would meet on the same mission: to break free from society‘s constraints and live wild.  It reminded me of a never ending festival on the island of Neverland from Peter Pan. Fascinated by this place and its people , which seemed so incredibly free, I decided to return in December 2014 with my camera on a self-experiment.”

Never-Never-Land_5_RRNever-Never-Land_3_RR BambuleNever-Never-Land_4_RR

“In the first month I was positive and motivated. We drifted, we wandered aimlessly, letting adventure find us.”


“Back home nothing waited for us. We had left society behind when we departed our hometowns. We had entered a different world. We drank every day, even when we didn’t really wanted to get drunk.”

Never-Never-Land_8_RR Never-Never-Land_9_RR

“A line of Ritalin up the nose would ease getting out of bed for the morning shift, followed by a breakfast beer, followed by lunch beers, midday beers and night-time beers. Valium was popular to get some sleep.”


Find all the photos and the full description on her portfolio.

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