Nicola Samorì

is an Italian painter.

The paintings by Nicola Samorì are full of sensuous energy. The 35-year-old artist arranges them like a Baroque master before partially destroying them again by intervening with a brush, palette knife, or scalpel. Samorì takes his subjects from art history: portraits, crucifixions, saints, still lifes, landscapes. His compositions for the most part conform to Baroque chiaroscuro. His figures emerge from the darkness of the pictorial space into the light with dramatic realism. Samorì completes his paintings in the style of the Old Masters with the highest degree of precision, causing the interventions he subjects them to to be all the more painful: he distorts them, smears them with his hand, disfigures them with the palette knife, paints them over, spills paint on them, or like a torturer removes the half-dry skin of the uppermost layer of paint with a scalpel.

More about Nicola Samorì and his works here.

nicola samori 1[3] nicola samori 4[3] nicola_samor_1_4_ nicola_samor_2_2_ nicola_samor_3_3_ nicola_samor_4_2_ nicola_samor_5_7_ nicola_samor_6_2_ nicola_samor_7_6_ nicola_samor_8_8_ nicola_samor_9_3_

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