Olaf Hajek

is an illustrator, painter and designer based in Berlin, London and New York. He uses folk culture, mythology, religion, history, and geography to explore the opposition between imagination and reality within our culture. Born in North Germany, he splits his time between his homeland, London, and New York. Originally studying to be a graphic designer, Olaf Hajek switched to illustration and taught alongside the likes of Punk fashion legend, Vivienne Westwood. He quickly gained a following for his bold combinations of color, texture, and strong themes, and his success led to illustrating numerous advertising campaigns, art shows, clients, and awards. Olaf Hajek’s illustrations have been featured in publications like The Financial Times, The New Yorker, Playboy, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, GQ, and Architectural Digest.

More of his paintings and illustrations here.

olaf01 olaf02 olaf03 olaf04 olaf05 olaf06 olaf07 olaf09 olaf10 olaf11 olaf12 olaf13 olaf14 olaf15 olaf16


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Hello, I'm Carolin. I'm a designer and concepter. I love space travel, smooth beats, simplicity and Star Wars. I've studied visual communication at Offenbach Academy of Art and Design and arts management at Freie Universität Berlin. Say hi on instagram @carolingoelder

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