One Day Young

is a photography series by British photographer Jenny Lewis.

Her portraits of women and their newborns – all taken within 24 hours of birth in East London – offer a rare glimpse into the beating heart of family life and celebrate the intimacy, joy and resilience of new motherhood.

Jenny Lewis grew up in Little Clacton, Essex. She moved to Hackney almost 20 years ago. Since then she has made her living as an editorial photographer, but continues to pursue a range of personal work in her spare time. Much of this centres on her experience of living and working in East London. Alongside One Day Young, which pictures Hackney-born babies during the first 24 hours of life, she has also begun photographing the extraordinary network of creatives who live alongside her in the borough. These sculptors, milliners, hula hoop performers, artists, potters and designers are pictured at a critical moment in Hackney’s history, as rising prices and redevelopment forces many of them to seek studio-space elsewhere. 

More about Jenny Lewis and her works here.

More about the book here.

JennyLewis_One_day_Young_01 JennyLewis_One_day_Young_02 JennyLewis_One_day_Young_03 JennyLewis_One_day_Young_04 JennyLewis_One_day_Young_05 JennyLewis_One_day_Young_06

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