Paolo Raeli

is an artist born and raised in Palermo, South Italy. Being scared of forgetting things, his main focus became photography. His main focus became photography and taking pictures of his friends and loved ones mostly. Paolo Raeli shows with his pictures how beautiful the youth can be.

And if these pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it’s this: I was here. I existed. I was young, I was happy … And someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture.

These words can be found next to a picture that Italian photographer Paolo Raeli has posted on Instagram. In addition to a photo exhibition called INSIDE MY ROOM in Favara, the artist also exhibits his works in the exhibition PAOLO RAELI in the Daelim Museum in Seoul. Rarely do you experience such lively, honest, and warm images that play with colors in a very individual way.

With his works, Paolo Raeli reflects exactly the youth culture, which probably even many young people want: kisses in the back of a car, hiking through the rain, sleeping under the open sky and cycling through balmy summer nights.

More about Paolo Raeli and his works on Instagram here.

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