Most popular photography of 2014

It’s recap time: Christmas is over and we’re also looking back at the posts you guys have liked the most. This post us about the most popular photography of 2014. Make sure to also check the most popular illustrations and paintings of 2014.

Click on the links or the images for the complete article with credits and source links.

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1. Cloned Video Gifs

Turkish filmmaker, graffiti artist, and photographer Erdal Inci brings photography to a forth dimension by cloning himself (meaning sections of video) to create stunning and hypnotic animated loops.



2. Katja Kremenic

Analog stories, fashion and portraits which me a strong desire to travel and having a good time, just the right thing for a dark winter season.



3. Alex Stoddard

A 20 year old fine art photographer living and working in the Los Angeles area.



4. Colourant

A fleeting moment, that blocks and obscures the landscape, a momentary graffiti of air and space. Creating shapes of nature not experienced by the human eye, these short-lived anomalies are frozen for us to view at 3500th of a second.



5. Katerina Plotnikova

She explains her work as “another tale about wonderland”. I explain it with a lot of “awww”. So don’t click if you’re allergic to cuteness.


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