#inspired by Polina Soloveichik [Sponsored Post]

Russian but Berlin-based mural painter Polina Soloveichik talks in this video about her paintings, the city Berlin and how she has landed there. I think the Lufthansa campaign “#inspired by” is about coming around in the world. Not always with a plan, but you find places you’re inspired by and possibly fall in love with it. Just like Polina did.

“I came to this cold paradise and managed to fall in love with the city.” – Polina

I like her paintings a lot. You see a lot of these blank, grey and ugly walls around, mostly in the outskirts. Her paintings – as she says – transform not only these walls, but whole spaces.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-16 um 16.32.01 Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-16 um 16.31.02


More shots of the murals shown in the video:


These murals are in Beelitz, Brandenburg. If you’re nearby, then go and check them out!

beelitz6 beelitz7 beelitz4 monster1

This is her office in Berlin:


If you want to check out other pieces of the campaign: #inpired by. Lufthansa on facebook.

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