Portraits of Japanese Kids with Fruit on their Shoulders

is a photography series by Japanese photographer Osamu Yokonami.

He was born in Kyoto and graduated from Visual Arts College in Osaka. He worked for Bunka Publishing Bureau assisting a freelance photographer. He eventually became independent and began working on his own projects in working with editorial or advertisement work at the same time.

“I had a chance to take portrait of local children when I went to Thailand as a photographer for a children’s magazine about 5 years ago. At that time I wondered what if I could take pictures of them with local fresh fruits. I found that it showed the personality of each child so much that the children even made the same movements.”

More about Osamu Yokonami and his works here.

osamu-yokonami-02 osamu-yokonami-03 osamu-yokonami-04 osamu-yokonami-05 osamu-yokonami-06 osamu-yokonami-07 osamu-yokonami-08 osamu-yokonami-09 osamu-yokonami-10 osamu-yokonami-12 osamu-yokonami-13 osamu-yokonami-14 osamu-yokonami-16 osamu-yokonami-17 osamu-yokonami-19 osamu-yokonami-21 osamu-yokonami-27

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