Not Red But Green

is an Installation by Norwegian artist Per Kristian Nygård. He created the piece ‘Not Red But Green’ in Oslo. He filled the whole space of No Place Gallery in Oslo with a bright green meadow, sweeping and swerving throughout the space.

During Not Red But Green, Per Kristian Nygård constructed and grew a hilly landscape of grassy mounds, receding into an interior room. The grass sculpture was grown from seeds that had been planted a couple of weeks earlier during the extremely hot but short Norwegian summer. This meant that the already damp room created the optimal growing conditions for the sculpture.

More about Per Kristian Nygård and his works here.

per-kristian-nygard-not-red-but-green-olso-01 per-kristian-nygard-not-red-but-green-olso-02 per-kristian-nygard-not-red-but-green-olso-03 per-kristian-nygard-not-red-but-green-olso-04 per-kristian-nygard-not-red-but-green-olso-05 per-kristian-nygard-not-red-but-green-olso-06 per-kristian-nygard-not-red-but-green-olso-07 per-kristian-nygard-not-red-but-green-olso-08

Via Inspiration Now

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