Ren Hang (1987-2016)

was a controversial and renowned Chinese photographer.

Ren Hang, one of the leading lights of the new generation of Chinese photographers, despite enduring censorship and intimidation from the authorities throughout his career, has died at the age of 29.

Ren Hang was arrested many times for his sexually explicit, joyously celebratory photography. Although he was globally renowned, he never gained the recognition he deserved in his home country, in part because he was repeatedly denied the opportunity to display his work in Beijing and throughout China.

We featured Ren Hang a few years ago here.

ren Ren-Hang-2 Ren-Hang-4 Ren-Hang-6 Ren-Hang-8 Ren-Hang-9 Ren-Hang-11 Ren-Hang-12 Ren-Hang-14 ren1 ren2 ren3 ren4

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