Riccardo Mannelli

is an Italian painter.

has been living in Rome since 1977. Self-taught, he started his artistic career in the 70’s and right from the start he was focused on the pictorial production as well as on the editorial activity realising portraits and satirical art works characterised by an expressionist style. He worked for various national and international newspapers; in 1980 he started to realise drawn reportage from all around the world and that became his most famous expression. He had and, in most cases still has, a leading role in the most important satiric magazine (IL MALE, L’ECHO DES SAVANES, HUMOR, CUORE, SATYRICON di Repubblica, BOXER, etc) working as a director or participating at the set up.

More about Riccardo Mannelli and his works here.

riccardo-mannelli_01 riccardo-mannelli_02 riccardo-mannelli_03 riccardo-mannelli_04 riccardo-mannelli_05 riccardo-mannelli_06 riccardo-mannelli_07 riccardo-mannelli_08 riccardo-mannelli_09 riccardo-mannelli_10 riccardo-mannelli_13 riccardo-mannelli_14 riccardo-mannelli_15 riccardo-mannelli_16 riccardo-mannelli_17 riccardo-mannelli_18 riccardo-mannelli_20 riccardo-mannelli_21

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