is a Spanish painter. He studied Painting on Fine Arts at University of Seville, Spain. Salustiano succeeds in eliminating any reference to time or place in his works, leaving the crimson youth to speak for themselves. This results in paintings that do not remind the viewer of anything, essentially leaving one without any anchor or cognitive framework with which to label them. The remoteness of the visages that seem to float in an endless landscape of burgundy mean that Salustiano’s works simply convey the emotions of those looking at them, never the emotions of the artist himself. The viewer projects his or her own lived experiences onto the painted faces, faces that sometimes portray a severeness, sometimes a remoteness, but always an irony within the lifelike eyes.
All this self-interpretation is not to say, however, that Saulstiano can in any way be categorized as an abstract artist. Instead, for every torso stripped of external meaning, there is a quaint smile that hearkens back to classicism or a pair of cupid bow lips reminiscent of the Renaissance.

More about Salustiano and his realistic paintings here.

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