Schoolgirl Complex

is an ongoing photography series by Japanese photographer Yuki Aoyama who explores the life of girls in uniforms.

As far as the focus of each body part goes, all the School Girl Complex pieces have no face.“By eliminating the face–creating an anonymous figure, a viewer can associate each photo piece with his/her memory. A delusion is a keyword in here — creating a flashback of the bittersweet days back in his/her teens. A void — in someways, the missing face, is filled with the delusion or the memory.” The School Girl Complex is also popular among the female audiences. It seems that they tend to perceive Yuki’s cutting-edge composition as “kawaii” or “cute.” This is no pornography, but an unique expression of feminine with an edgy twist.

More about Yuki Aoyama and his works here.

Yuki-AOYAMA_Photography_01 Yuki-AOYAMA_Photography_02 Yuki-AOYAMA_Photography_03 Yuki-AOYAMA_Photography_04 Yuki-AOYAMA_Photography_05 Yuki-AOYAMA_Photography_06 Yuki-AOYAMA_Photography_07 Yuki-AOYAMA_Photography_08 Yuki-AOYAMA_Photography_09

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