Serban Savu

is a Romanian painter.

In his realist, melancholic paintings, Cluj School artist Serban Savu – who grew up during the overturn of Communism – depicts a newly democratic society among the drab modernist housing and abandoned factories of Romania’s cities and countryside. Using a subdued palette and impressionistic figures, he presents nature as dominated by concrete, as in Mountain of Nostalgia (2008), in which men sift through a junkyard’s wreckage. An anti-heroic update to Socialist Realism, Savu’s work also references the history of landscape painting.

More about Serban Savu and his works here.

serban-savu_01 serban-savu_02 serban-savu_03 serban-savu_04 serban-savu_07 serban-savu_08 serban-savu_09 serban-savu_10 serban-savu_11 serban-savu_12 serban-savu_13 serban-savu_14 serban-savu_15 serban-savu_16 serban-savu_17 serban-savu_23

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