Slava Fokk

is a Russian painter.

Since his early childhood Slava Fokk has been captivated with painting and he soon attended art school. In 1997 he graduated from Krasnodar Art College in honour of Repin, one of the oldest art schools in Russia (in 2011, the college marked one century of its history).  His diploma work  “The Last Trolleybus”  was recognised as the best art work for the last 20 years in the history of the school. Slava Fokk found himself under the influence of the Northern Renaissance painters, particularly the works of Jan Van Eyck and thus began following the principles of the Old Dutch School; precise and thorough composition of the picture and elaborations of detail. At the present moment Slava Fokk lives in Moscow and works on his new paintings.

More about Slava Fokk and his works here.

slava slava1 slava2 slava3slava4 slava5 slava6 slava7 slava8 slava9 slava11 slava19

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