Stéfan Nandancée

is a Belgian painter who studied at famous Royal Academy Of Arts in Brussels in Belgium.

In order to create an intimate paradigm, Stefan Nandancée’s work’s focused upon his wife Jo as a recurrent character. He believes that when you look at someone long enough you can discover the whole humanity.

Throughout the past few years, he has produced a series of miniature size paintings wherein his wife embodied a sort of anti-heroine facing adversity. He painted these pieces on a smaller scale to invite the viewer close to the work whereby s/he could more fully appreciate the tiniest details. He hopes that this planned proximity is promoting an ongoing dialog.

Ultimately, he tries to be an objective observer of his time; but most of all, to capture the inner essence of his wife within the absurd choreography commonly referred to as “the human condition”.

More about Stéfan Nandancée and his works here.

Stefan1 Stefan3 Stefan4 Stefan5 Stefan6 Stefan7 Stefan8 Stefan9 Stefan10



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