Sven Ballenthin

We really like Sven‘s original and beautiful painting style. His most recent series is called “IDENTITY IS A CHOICE”. We added a timelapse of one of his paintings at the end of this article.

“I’am born in Berlin, but I guess my story is not so important than the story from my models I paint.

There are Will Norton and Danny Carr two amazing and handsome male models from England. They shoot and walk for Tom Ford and Calvin Klein. They are real characterheads. There are Sonia Trzewikowska. She is an breathtaking model from Poland. I met her at a party in Berlin and I immediately saw her potential and she is an exceptional model. There are Vanessa Tavares with her beautiful sphinx cat Dimitri from Portugal. I learned alot to paint wrinkles, and I really enjoyed to work with her.

I’am very proud and stirred with my new series to have been given the opportunity to meet all these wonderful people and paint. They are the ones that make my painting so great.” – Sven Ballenthin

Follow him on instagram (Sven Ballenthin) to be part of this amazing story.

006(Marylin Monroe) 007(Sophia Loren) 003(Sonia Trzewikowska) 0012 002(Danny Carr 0011 0013 004(Dimitri) 005(Dimitri) 0010 001(Will Norton) 009 008 0016 0015 0014

Painting timelapse:


Thanks for your submission Sven!

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Hi, I am an art director based in Berlin, Germany. I'm always searching for visual stunning or conceptually interesting pieces of art.

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