black and white


Felix Carr

is a London based painter who has a BA (Hons) in Painting and Printmaking from the Glasgow School of Art. He is the winner of the…


Nastassia Brückin

is a California based photographer born and raised in the South of France. For the most part she’s a self-taught, relying largely on instinct,…


Joel Meyerowitz

is an American image-maker and photographer who fought and succeeded in proving the integrity and artistic value of the medium at a time when it was…


Cem Edisboylu

is a self-taught people photography with exponentially growing enthusiasm and passion. He was born in Black Forest, Germany in 1972 and works as one…


Martina Grlić

is a Croatian artist who is fascinated with history, both personal and shared. Martina Grlić depicts scenes of everyday life in former Yugoslavia, ranging from men…



is a series by Paris-based photographer Kasia Kozinski , from May 2015 to April 2016, which denounces the social and sexist pressions inflicted to women. “Be…


Noell Oszvald

is an emerging Hungarian artist living in Budapest. Noell reduces her striking black and white self portraits to explorations of pure composition and form…


Natalia Mindru

is a Romanian photographer who captures love instants, in black and white, of couples. Named Iubiri Urbane (that we can traduce by “Urban Love”), she gives intimate,…


Emilio Jiménez

is a Spanish photographer based in Madrid who creates incredible pictures with his camera. More about Emilio Jiménez  and his works here.


Benedict Leo

is an American photographer who captures in the series ‘I Am A Wilderness‘ black and white images of the human body elegantly bending and stretching itself in…